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Inpro Design Board

Inpro Interior Design Boards | Design Inspiration for 2017!

Inpro Design Boards are meant to provide inspiration for coordinating colors offered by Inpro®. Whether you are specifying wall protection in a corridor, window treatments in a lobby, privacy curtains in a patient room or partitions and shower compartments in a locker room, we have options that coordinate across your entire project.

Inspiration and vision are key to a successful project – and we hope that we can provide the spark that fuels your stunning design.

We will announce a unique design board every month in 2017. The majority of each design board will be crafted using Inpro materials, including solid colors, wood grains, solid surface and textiles. Throughout the year, you’ll also see featured and seasonal design pieces from design leaders.

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Aga Artka Interior Design

Professional Design Insight

Each board will feature insight from our very own design consultant, Aga Artka.

She is a LEED Accredited and NCIDQ certified Professional whose design experience spans from healthcare and senior living to retail, workplace and hospitality. Through travel and continued professional development, she strives to stay on top of the ever changing industry.

You can follow Aga on Facebook and Instagram (@AgaArtka), or visit her website for more details.

Share your designer expertise!

Throughout the year we’d love to hear your input on any particular design board. Let us know if you have alternative Inpro design pairings or even suggest a design theme for a future board.

Create your own Inpro design board and share it with us via #InproDesignBoard on Twitter and Instagram. You can find all of our colors and fabrics here.

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January Design Board - Pantone® Color of the Year (Greenery 15-0343)

January design board - pantone color of the year

A new year marks a new beginning. The Color of the Year 2017 speaks to the idea of newness, rebirth and a fresh start. Greenery is a perfect color that offers hope, a positive outlook and charges us with the forward-looking energy. Greenery can translate into a beautiful interior environment. It can become a statement in a form of an accent wall, a digital graphic, or take a back seat by being found in a textile, as an upholstery piece, a window treatment or a privacy curtain. When paired with cool shades of grays and taupes, it can bring life to a space without overpowering it.

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray (SW7016) can be used to create an ideal neutral background, a clean slate that gives the spot light to Greenery, a bold color expression. Greenery also invites the use patterns and textures found in nature. Woodgrains of various types and shades, leaf patterns and grass-inspired materials and textiles can work in unison to create a space that is familiar, comforting and complete. - Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ

Colors used in this board:

  1. Inpro® Standard Solid Color – Veranda (0231)
  2. Inpro® Woodland Color – American Walnut (0555)
  3. Inpro® Standard Solid Color – River Rock (0351)
  4. Inpro® Standard Solid Color – Sharkskin (0350)
  5. SignScape Phoenix™ Collection Sign - Color: Cocoa Bala

Fabric used in this board:
  1. Shield by Panaz® - Framework – Silver Sand
  2. Gold fabric Collection – Revolve – Meadowfield
  3. Shield by Panaz® - Array - Pistachio

February Design Board - Health & Wellness Redefined

Inpro Design Board - Health and Wellness Design

Soft blues are restful, relaxing and comforting. According to science, these hues trigger a physical response in our bodies and assist with lowering our stress level, heart rate and blood pressure. They make us feel good. Designers know that. A well-designed interior has the power to influence what environments feel like, and not surprisingly, shades of blue are abundantly specified in spaces where health, relaxation and wellness are the primary focus.

What to pair a blue with? With the recent discoveries in robotics and artificial intelligence, a new color palette is emerging. We start to see blues moving toward cooler, purple spectrum. The value of blue splits between either a soft and calming or rich and electric. Acting as a perfect complement is orange, and it too appears in many forms. Bronze, warm neutrals and wood tones create a beautiful rich base while a bright, almost artificial orange provides a perfect punch. And then there are the steel cut greys that reflect the current interest in technology from robotic to wearable tech. The entire scheme is grounded in clean and familiar off-whites. It’s a beautiful palette that can be both subdued or boisterous, depending on the need. - Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ

Colors used in this board:

  1. SignScape® Santa Cruz™ Sign Collection
  2. BioPrism® Solid Surface Decorative Shower Panel - Antique White (P9001)
  3. Inpro® Elements Brushed Nickel (5E025)
  4. Inpro® Elements Brushed Silver (5E026)
  5. BioPrism® Solid Surface – Milkyway (P9056)
  6. Childcrest & Stone – "Ebb and Flow" Accent Tile
  7. Sherwin-Williams® Acier (SW9170) – Pair with Inpro Standard Solid Color - Pepperdust (0119)
  8. Sherwin-Williams Natural Choice (SW7011) - Pair with Inpro Standard Solid Color – White Sand (0103)
  9. Sherwin-Williams Tradewind (SW6218) - Pair with Inpro Standard Solid Color - Serenity (0166)

Fabric used in this board:
  1. Silver Fabric Collection - Fossil – Mango
  2. Silver Fabric Collection - Fossil – Periwinkle
  3. Shield by Panaz® - Array – Waterscape
  4. Shield by Panaz® - Abloom – Waterscape

March Design Board - Spring Re-Fresh

Spring Commercial Design Palette

Perfectly timed for the upcoming change in seasons, this analogous color scheme is dominated by fresh greens and rich teals. Inspired by blooming nature, sprouting grasses and flower buds, it works great with bamboo patterns and warm Walnut wood tones. An abstract digital pattern suggests playfulness and cheer and could easily be incorporated into a retail, education or a hospitality project. The scheme nicely coordinates with warm taupes and soothing creams. It’s an updated interpretation of spring. - Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ

Colors used in this board:

  1. 3Form® Varia Ecoresin - Thatch – As seen in our SignScape® Sign Collections
  2. Sherwin-Williams® Cargo Pants (SW7738)
  3. Sherwin-Williams® Teal Stencil (SW0018)
  4. Sherwin-Williams® Warm Stone (SW7032)
  5. Inpro® Standard Solid Color - Sprout (0352)
  6. Inpro® Standard Solid Color - English Green (0125)
  7. Inpro® Standard Solid Color - Monsoon (0378)
  8. IPC® Aspex Printed Wall Protection
  9. Karndean Design Flooring – Van Gogh – Country Oak (VGW81T)

Fabric used in this board:
  1. Shield by Panaz® - Full Circle - Spring
  2. Shield by Panaz® - Framework - Pear
  3. Shield by Panaz® - Follow Me - Spring

April Design Board - Metallic Tones Make Accents Pop

April Interior Design Board

Sometimes less is more. Especially when you are trying to drive attention to one design element. Sometimes a clean and elegant approach is what a space needs to tell a color story.

This month’s board showcases the use of neutral tones and metallic finishes to create a background for a bold accent color. Pinks, oranges and reds are trending. They pop up in all aspects of life: fashion, housewares, cosmetics. Use reds in various values and saturations to add energy and confidence to your project.

Pull together a pale pink, a wine red and an orange-based true red and watch how the entire scheme transitions from calm and one-dimensional to dynamic and complex. - Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ

Colors used in this board:

  1. SignScape® Boston™ Sign Collection
  2. Sherwin-Williams®Rave Red (SW6608)
  3. Sherwin-Williams® – Rookwood Red (SW2802)
  4. Sherwin-Williams® – Pavestone (SW7642)
  5. Sherwin-Williams® – Rojo Dust (SW9006)
  6. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors - Whitesand
  7. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors - Sharkskin
  8. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors - Shiprock
  9. IPC® Stainless Diamond Plate Wall Panel
  10. IPC® Tape-on Corner Guard - Brushed Silver
  11. Palladium® Wall Panel Reveal Strip Plate

Fabric used in this board:
  1. Shield by Panaz® - Full Circle - Cream City
  2. Platinum Fabric Collection - Reflection - Honeysuckle
  3. Solarity® Solar Shades - Shadow - Pillow Talk
  4. Solarity® Solar Shades - Midnight - Silver
  5. Solarity® Solar Shades - Midnight - Slate

May Design Board - Focus on Teal

May inpro design board

Inspired by the multidimensional hues of the ocean, this month’s scheme shows how teals and neutrals can work well together. This is a perfect palette for a relaxing, take-your-mind-off-of-things type space. A more sophisticated version of turquoise, teal promotes the ability to concentrate and focus. It represents balance based on its location on a color wheel (a mid-point between red and purple). 

Whether in a spa or a master suite, use a gentle wall paint, layered with an off-white tile, counter top and backsplash, and create interest with accent walls, textiles and artwork. For a more dramatic interior, use dark mahogany flooring, wood doors/window frames and other wood accents. - Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ

Colors used in this board:

  1. Sherwin-Williams®Riverway (SW6222)
  2. Sherwin-Williams®Quietude (SW6212)
  3. Sherwin-Williams®Shoji White (SW7042)
  4. RBC Tile & Stone – Virtue – Hexagon Mosaic Porcelain and Ceramic Tile
  5. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – Sprout (0352)
  6. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – Crystal Jade (0187)
  7. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – Eggshell (0111)
  8. BioPrism® Solid Surface – Candlelight (P9014)
  9. Inpro® Woodland Color – American Walnut (0555)

Fabric used in this board:
  1. Clickeze® Gold Fabric Collection – Incognito - Dragonfly
  2. Clickeze® Silver Fabric Collection – Lineage - Jade
  3. Clickeze® Gold Fabric Collection – Whitney - Cobblestone
  4. Clickeze® Shield by Panaz® - Aloft – Teal Mist
  5. Clickeze® Oxford Throw Bedspread - Steel
  6. Clickeze® Silver Fabric Collection – Lineage - Chino
  7. Clickeze Solarity® Solar Shade Fabric – 10% Charcoal/Apricot

June Design Board - Gold

gold interior design board

The delicious color of honey mustard is seeing a resurgence. Yellow is a tricky color to work with, but in this rich golden tone, it should be seen more as a neutral. This warm and welcoming hue pairs well with cool taupes and grays, dark wood tones, and metals. For an extra interest, select a contrasting color, like a deep blue, which will energize the palette. Adding some shimmer, silky textiles and high-polished brass or bronze finishes will enrich the scheme and make it all look like gold. - Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ

Colors used in this board:

  1. Sherwin-Williams® – Believable Buff (SW6120)
  2. Sherwin-Williams® – Mannered Gold (SW6130)
  3. Sherwin-Williams® – Virtual Taupe (SW7039)
  4. Sherwin-Williams® – Outerspace (SW6251)
  5. KRS Inc. - Mediterra Cork Flooring - Chestnut
  6. BioPrism® Solid Surface – Nougat (P9069)
  7. Inpro® Northern Hardwoods Wall Guards – Coffee (589)
  8. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – Chamois (0234)
  9. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – Rattan (0276)
  10. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – River Rock (0351)
  11. Inpro® Standard Solid Colors – Storm Cloud (0372)
Fabric used in this board:
  1. Clickeze® Dim Out Curtain Fabric – Shadow – Night Sky
  2. Clickeze® Window Treatment Fabric – Midnight - Silver
  3. Clickeze® Dim Out Curtain Fabric – Shadow – Sunbeam
  4. Clickeze® Dim Out Curtain Fabric – Shadow – Cat Nap
  5. Clickeze® Window Treatment Fabric – Colonial – Butter Rum
  6. Clickeze® Window Treatment Fabric – Colonial - Toast
  7. Clickeze® Solarity Solar Screen Fabric - Dawn 5% Openness – Charcoal/Bronze