Introducing the 2021 Key Colors from Inpro!

Looking for a little Inpro Inspo? Wait no more! Through trend and color forecasting, we’ve developed key colors you’re likely to see throughout 2021 in fashion, design, décor. Find the color trends you need to inspire your next project right here!

Get to know the 4 Key Colors:

A green couch with a mountain scene on the wall behind it. A bar across the bottom reads, sea salt 0279.

Sea Salt (0279) – A fresh green that is gentle and spiritual. It reminds us of the value of each moment. It is quiet, reflective and mindful. It rejects unwanted noises and the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle.

Sea Salt is pure. It is clean but not clinical. It’s friendly, positive and now. It offers a connection to nature in a very subtle way.

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A sitting area with artwork, the wall is the color Dover White. A bar across the bottom reads dover white 0112.

Dover White (0112) - Dover White is fresh, dreamy and positive. It carries hope and light. It’s human and familiar like a hug, a touch. As a warm neutral, it offers a welcoming base to other joyful and fragrant pastels.

Dover white is an antidote, a dose of positivity, a fresh start.

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A restaurant with blue wrap around seating. A blue bar going across the bottom reads brittany blue 0135.

Brittany Blue (0135) - Brittany Blue is cool and shaded with a purple appearance. It speaks to the digitalization of our lives and the strain we are feeling. It’s the color of blue rays, pixels, tv screens.

Brittany blue is intelligent, techy – a response to our focus on smart, self-cleaning, touch‐free environments.

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A wall large wall in a work space in the color Castle. A bar across the bottom reads, castle 0256.

Castle (0256) - Castle is rich, grounded, confident. It exemplifies safety and comfort. It’s the color of the rocky earth beneath us. Castle can protect and cocoon us from distractions and disease.

Castle is a dark, warm neutral which can stand tall and strong.

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For ongoing inspiration, be sure to follow us throughout the year as we explore each key color in upcoming palette launches, design boards, project photography and more!

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