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InPro Corporation is a provider of interior and exterior architectural products, offering a variety of products for structure protection, decoration and privacy.
JointMaster Engineered Metal Product
601 Stealth Expansion Joint
601 Stealth Expansion Joint
601 Stealth Expansion Joint
Brick Facade
Slate Facade
Wood Facade
601 Stealth
Insulated Vapor Barrier

601 Stealth™ Expansion Joint Systems

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Product Details

Features and Benefits

  • The hinged cover plate or “pan” can be installed with adjacent architectural systems to disguise the expansion joint
  • Ideal system for use on high-end exterior systems or conditions where the structural joint is located in a high profile position on the building veneer
  • Flush mounted exterior system reduces sightline to two reveals or approximately 1” and 3” dimensions
  • System is seismic capable while allowing for daily thermal movement and wind sway considerations
  • Compression springs correctly reposition the pan to the nominal position after a system movement
  • Two levels of system complexity available
  • Reinforced insulated vapor systems capable of R-15 rating available in combination with the 601


Key Specifications

  • Wall to Wall  and Wall to Corner
  • Seismic-capable
  • Movement: +/- 50%
  • Joint width: 10"-30"
  • Optional fire rated or insulated vapor barrier
  • Shear movement unlimited

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