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InPro Corporation is a provider of interior and exterior architectural products, offering a variety of products for structure protection, decoration and privacy.
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601 Stealth
Insulated Vapor Barrier

601 Stealth™ Expansion Joint Systems

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Product Details

Features and Benefits

Take back your building's beauty with the NEW! 601 Stealth™ Joint System.
  • Minimal sight line - hinged cover plate or "pan" can be infilled with adjacent architectural systems to disguise expansion joint (Glazing, Metal panels and Masonry units such as Stone and Brick)
  • Flush mounted exterior system reduces sightline to two reveals of approximately 1" and 3" dimensions
  • This system is ideal for use on high-end exterior systems or conditions where the structural joint is located in a high profile position on the building veneer.
  • Compression springs correctly reposition the pan to the nominal position after a system movement.
  • Signed and sealed structural calculations available by a Licensed Engineer
  • Insulated vapor system capable of R-15 rating available in combination with the 601
  • Sysem is seismic capable while allowing for daily thermal movement and wind sway considerations
  • Optional integral vapor barrier slides directly into frame for easy installation

Key Specifications

  • Wall to Wall  and Wall to Corner
  • Seismic-capable
  • Movement: +/- 50%
  • Joint width: 10"-30"
  • Optional fire rated or insulated vapor barrier
  • Shear movement unlimited

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