We’re here to help prepare people + buildings for whatever’s next.

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Even though we’ve never been through a pandemic before, we do know what it’s like to think nonstop about people, and buildings, and how people and buildings interact to make each other safer.

That’s why we’re not just about building products, but building tomorrow. From ensuring our products can stand up to heavy cleaning, to making interiors more inspiring, to simply getting you what you need, fast – we’re here to help prepare people + buildings for whatever’s next.

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Products that stand up to harsh cleaning chemicals

Maintaining a clean environment has never been more critical. Building surfaces with durability and chemical resiliency are now essential to protect the people who use and work within your building. However, keeping a facility clean and beautiful at the same time can be a challenge when using harsh disinfectants. Our products can help you achieve both! Download our Cleanable Surfaces Guide to view products and the disinfecting agents that can be used on them.

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Products that make interiors more inspiring

Need a little inspiration? Head over to our Inpro Inspo center for a variety of resources including our course library of on-demand CEU presentations, featured design collections and free color samples! While you’re there, you can also request our 2020 Inspiration Book for ‘resimercial’ design trends, designing for wellness with biophilia and more.

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Products that ship fast

Because we manufacture almost all of our products right here in the U.S.A., you get what you need, when you need it. With industry best lead times, world class service and superior quality products, we’re here to help you meet your deadlines. View our in-stock products and items with quick lead times here.

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