MILWAUKEE, WIS. (December 11, 2018) – Inpro’s Fireline™ F140 fire barrier has been chosen by a jury of seven architects and designers as an Architectural Record magazine Best Architectural Products of 2018.

With the F140 Fire Barrier Expansion Joint System, architects and builders can expect the same excellent passive fire protection they get in larger Fireline systems, without the need for fire caulk or additional hardware.  The design of the 140 was based off key features of the popular F520 fire barrier system that make it easy to install. What sets the F140 apart is that the smaller filler fits expansion joints from 2" to 4" and can accommodate up to 50 percent movement.

Along with F520 and Waterguard® barriers, the F140 is part of Inpro’s potent arsenal of passive fire protection products. The installation of fire blankets and fire-stop materials in expansion joints protects buildings and reduces occupants’ exposure to smoke and flame, which allows for safer evacuation.

This year’s best-products competition received more than 320 entries.  The independent jury of designers selected 67 winners, with the Best in Category receiving top numerical rankings.  The 2018 jurors were:  Faith Baum, IALD, LEED AP; Yolande Daniels; Priya Patel; Maxwell Pau, AIA, LEED AP; Sarah Randall; Ghislaine Viñas, IIDA; and Irena Savakova, LEED AP.