MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Oct. 25, 2018) — Larry Emerson’s photographic artistry captivates, and his life story inspires. That’s what convinced Inpro® to partner with Emerson and his firm The Art Around You to make his vast library of more than 10,000 high-resolution photos available for durable Printed Wall Art and Aspex® Printed Wall Protection.

Inpro partnered with Emerson so that their customers interested in Wall Art or Aspex® have access to wide range of images to complete the décor in any space. Or, if they wish capture their own unique design, customers can contract with Larry for custom, on-site photography.

“It is so exciting to be able to partner with such a talented photographer,” said Mark Alan, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Development. “Inpro’s obsession with buildings doesn’t end with protection. We’re obsessed with the way our products can change the look and feel of a room while giving it the protection it needs from every day wear and tear. Larry’s passion for imagery is the perfect match for Inpro.”

Emerson’s time spent in hospitals  ̶  as a twice-wounded combat veteran  ̶  ignites his drive to create photography for healing environments and other spaces where people can enjoy his work. Emerson’s eye for vibrant colors highlights the details of everyday life. With a background in biology at New York’s Fordham University and photography at the Germain School of Photography, he is a master at seeing what most of us overlook.

While Larry's imagery is just one of the many ways people can add imagery to Inpro's wall art and wall protection products, both options offer the ability to add artwork to any space.

Aspex® Printed Wall Protection combines the protection of a highly durable, rigid sheet with the clear, crisp imagery of digital printing. The product turns entire walls inside a building into a powerful canvas for a message through the use of photography, quotes, artwork and images, amplifying the visual experience in a space.

And because the graphic is back-printed onto the clear sheet there’s no need to worry about the image being scratched over time.   Inpro’s Printed Wall Art products are smaller, stand-alone art pieces printed on durable material.  So, think Aspex for the whole wall, and Digital Wall Art for smaller, framed statement pieces.  Both product lines can also access a select collection of Getty Images, in addition to the Emerson library.

To learn more about Inpro’s partnership with Larry Emerson or to see the collection of imagery available, visit or contact Inpro at 800-222-5556.