The Same Quality Protection In A Smaller Design

JointMaster® designs a smaller expansion joint fire barrier

MUSKEGO, WI – JointMaster® continues to innovate and expand its world-renowned fire barrier protection line. The new Fireline™ 140 (F140) barrier is designed for narrower joints with the same level of protection as the original Fireline 520® Seismic Fire Barrier. 

Expansion joint fire barriers are passive fire protection systems that aid in compartmentalizing buildings. By slowing the spread of smoke, heat and flame, this allows more time for people to evacuate.

The patented F140 system features pre-attached flanges that utilize adjustable compression springs for consistent outward pressure within the joint. This design keeps the blanket in place. Similar to JointMaster’s Fireline 520 system, sections of the F140 feature factory-made male-to-female ends to eliminate the need for complex field manipulation at the seams. Smaller than its original cousin, the F140 fits in 2 – 4” joints (50 - 100mm), and can accommodate up to 50 percent movement (compression or expansion).

“Unlike competing systems, the F140 doesn’t require any affixing hardware or continuous fire caulk,” said Matthew Fisher, Senior Product Manager for Inpro’s JointMaster division. “This design approach provides for an efficient and consistent install, which saves time in construction and reduces risk of system failure.”

JointMaster offers a complete line of expansion joint systems and fire barriers for interior, exterior and open-air structural applications.


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JointMaster®, a division of Inpro®, protects buildings in their stand against the elements to provide a safe environment for people. JointMaster offers a complete line of expansion joint systems for interior, exterior and open-air structural applications. For more information, visit


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