Fresenius Kidney Care Facility with Solarity Solar Shades

Unlike traditional shades, Solarity is a highly customizable shade system that can be cordless, clutch operated or motorized. They can also be used in a dual system to offer more flexibility in light control and privacy. Different fabric types allow for different levels of exposure, so you can create the right balance for your space.

Dark fabrics have superior glare control


Dark-Colored Fabrics

Superior glare control and view-through; dark fabrics are the optimal choice where passive solar warming and glare control are desired.



Light colored solar fabrics reflect more heat


Light-Colored Fabrics

Light-colored fabrics reflect more heat and allow more filtered light.


High performance solar screen fabric


High Performance Fabrics

Provide the best glare and heat protection regardless of color. Excellent view-through and glare reduction in light colors, and excellent heat reduction in dark colors.


Sun ultra violet logo


UV Control

Depending on fabric openness, blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays, providing protection for furnishings and finishes.


Level of fabric openness from 10 percent to total blackout

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Choose Your Operating System

Certified Best for Kids logoChild Safety: While all of our operating systems have been engineered for safety and meet the safety standard,* the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) recommends cordless or motorized shades as the best solutions for locations where children are present.

*American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products ANSI/WCMA A100.1 – 2012


Select Your Hardware Accessories


Cassette style mechanism for solar shades Fascia system for Solarity Solar Shade

Cassett System

Conceal the roller with a stylish curve. Cassette will be
3" or 4" dependent on operating system and
shade size.

Fascia System

Conceal the roller with a fascia. Fascia will be 3" or 4"
dependent on operating system and shade size.

Exposed roller for solar shade mechanism option Extruded pocket mechanism option for solar shades

Exposed Roller

Leave the roller exposed to complement your room's
design. Available in: Black, White or Vanilla.

Built in Pocket

In new construction or certain renovation situations,
shades can be installed in a cavity or pocket above
the ceiling. 

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