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When it comes to Assisted Living Facility design, it’s important to make sure your building interiors are not only functional and safe – it’s equally important to design them in a way that brings comfort to your residents and their families. Whether it’s the lobby, dining area or residents’ rooms, we can help you maintain attractive and comfortable interiors that your residents will embrace. With products like Window Treatments, Signage, 3D Trim and more, we’ll help you create an environment that feels just like home.


Window Treatments

Provide attractive and comfortable interiors with drapery, window top treatments and solar shades. Drapery and top treatments can add the perfect touch to any room to make it feel like home. Combine them with solar shades to filter the sun’s heat and glare while still maintaining a view of the outdoors.



Coordinate room signs with the rest of your interiors for a simple decorative touch. Incorporating imagery, woodgrains or even logos can create warmth and familiarity for your residents. Whether you need ADA compliant + regulatory signs or custom signage, our team of experts will work with you to create a program that covers all the areas of your building.


3D Trim

Protect walls and columns from dents and scratches due to beds, carts and wheelchair traffic with Palladium® 3D Trim. Palladium® provides the look of real wood with the durability of wall protection. Using woodgrains in your design can provide a traditional look while adding warmth to your interiors.

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