Our acceptance to the Green Tier Program!

Posted 28 April 2015 12:00 AM by Amanda Goetsch, Sustainability Manager at Inpro

As a precursor to Inpro’s Earth Week local suppliers, partners and representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources were invited to a special luncheon to celebrate our acceptance to the Green Tier Program! 

The Green Tier Program is a recognition and partnership program between Wisconsin businesses, trade associations, communities, non-profits, and the Department of Natural Resources. Green Tier is designed to encourage innovation, collaboration and new environmental goal setting.  Requirements of the program include having a strong environmental record, a willingness to exceed regulatory standards and overall improving environmental performance.

Inpro has been committed to going above and beyond environmental compliance for many years.  We earned our ISO14001 certification in January 2013 holding us accountable to continuously improve our environmental performance.  Per the ISO14001 certification, we have a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) and an Environmental Management Team.  The EMS team meets at least once every six weeks to discuss our significant impacts and aspects and what is being done to make continuous improvements. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Installing 23 low-flow toilets, saving 900,000 gallons/year with a financial savings of $9,000/year
  • Telecommunicating for multiple meetings saving on greenhouse gas emissions, time and money
  • 65+ Inpro employees earning their LEED Green Associate credential
  • Investing in an energy efficient grinder, which is only run on off-peak hours
  • Partnering with UPS in their Carbon Neutral Program
  • Implementing an Inpro bee sanctuary which supports biodiversity education for employees
  • Integrating composting into our waste program
  • Installing LED lights in manufacturing areas, with less than a one year ROI
  • Engaging employees frequently in sustainability-related initiatives
  • Integrating a six-figure enterprise and product sustainability software program in order to better measure, track and improve upon environmental metrics and product impact

While we acknowledge our successes, we also recognize sustainability as a journey. With the support of the Inpro Sustainable Business Committee, Environmental Management System Team and all of our colleagues we’re sure to use our acceptance to the Green Tier Program as an inspiration to accomplish even more.


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