Sheet Happens - 3 Ways to Protect Your Building's Walls

Posted 16 April 2015 12:00 AM by Evan Bane

Sheet Happens - 3 Ways to Protect Your Building's Walls

Let’s face it – no matter how careful you want folks to be, they still bump into walls and cause damage.  Whether it’s carts … equipment … wheelchairs … dollies … gurneys … it means a bad appearance and costly, time-consuming repairs.

One option to stop the relentless damage – and repair cycles – is to clad walls with rigid sheet goods.  And with all the color and design options available, achieving a pleasant décor is easy.  

Here are three options to consider when choosing wall protection sheet material:

Option 1: Rigid sheet – in certain applications and settings, solid color sheet in either a wainscot or full-wall cladding helps reduce the wear and tear of every day foot and cart traffic. It provides a continual, seamless look with available accessories including trim, divider bars and color-matched caulk.

IPC® Rigid Sheet is available in PVC and a non-PVC option called G2 BioBlend®, a reformulated PETG manufactured using a biopolymer blend that contains up to 20% pre-consumer recycled content. 

Option 2:  Palladium® Wall Panel Systems - Combines durable protection with a decorative look in a high-end panel system that withstands daily abuse. The Palladium wall panel system is available in a variety of options including, Beveled Edge (left), 3D (right), Square Edge and even specifically for headwall or headboards in hospitals. These wall panels are available in many color options to coordinate with the rest of your building.

Edge Protectant Technology Decorative Molding 

Option 3: Beadboard Sheet - Provides a unique appearance with a decorative beadboard look in wood grain without the costly field fabrication and damage potential of real wood.

 Beadboard Reception Area 


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