The Universal Color Palette for All Markets

Posted 12 August 2015 12:00 AM by Megan Ziegler

Colors and spaces have always been a very interesting concept to me.  I always found it fascinating that you can make the same room feel big and spacious or dark and small, even borderline claustrophobic, just by changing the color of the wall.  A paint color can really make all of the difference.  So how do you choose your color scheme?

Of course every design project is unique with different visions, options, and goals.  But can you choose a specific color palette per market?  Can there be just one color palette for each market?

Let’s see here… what’s the first design goal that pops into your head when I say these markets?

Healthcare – peaceful and serene, to cause a relaxing effect for mind, body and soul.

Corporate – earth tones, jewel tones and wood grains to reach a level of modern sophistication.

Education – lively and fun colors to stimulate brain activity.


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