Manage New Year’s Resolution: Tackle those easy fix-ups

Posted 7 January 2015 12:00 AM by Evan Bane

  1. Switch out cubicle curtains – Simply hanging new privacy curtains can bring a fresh, new look to a facility at a cost well shy of a major renovation. Clickeze® privacy curtains and soft good come at a variety of price points to fit any budget.
  2. Eliminate clanging joint covers – Interior floor joints can get dinged, scratched or clatter when rolled over. JointMaster® offers several simple cover-plate solutions that are low-cost, quick-replacement options for fast fix-ups. Check out the 800 Series cover plates.
  3. Ditch “signs” made on your laser printer – ordering lower cost signs from SignScape® can bring a professional, clean look.
  4. Protect vulnerable corners – there are likely numerous corners that get damaged. Install some IPC corner guards that can stand up to the traffic.
  5. Give your doors some love – IPC kickplates and door frame guards take the abuse from carts, wheelchairs and other equipment.
  6. And love your walls, too – most walls get damaged from the floor to about 3 feet up.  Putting in IPC™ rigid sheet or BioPrism™ solid surface wall cladding dresses up the hall and helps fight further damage.


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