School Branding 101: Your logo...everywhere!

Posted 15 July 2015 12:00 AM by Evan Bane

However, as all successful companies know, logos are the most recognizable of marketing tools. A school or university logo is the foundation of the institution’s brand. The choice of colors, font and the style used in the logo will dictate the tone of all other marketing efforts.

Graphics of school logos, mascots, mottos and colors also reinforce school spirit and pride, particularly around athletics facilities. Just as brand control and identity are important to businesses, a school’s mascot and logo should be consistent and cohesive throughout sports uniforms, signage, gymnasium striping, directional signage, and banners.

We’d offer that a good place to start may be as simple as including the school logo, mascot and representational imaging on interior signage.  Here are a couple examples from  Ft. Hays State University.


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