Made in the USA

Posted 2 July 2015 12:00 AM by Evan Bane

Since 1979, Inpro has been proudly and obsessively making products at our main factory just outside Milwaukee, Wis.

Because we manufacture most of the products we sell, we control quality, shipping and service. And we don't just talk the talk ... We ship almost half our orders in one day or less. 99.1% of orders are shipped perfect - no scratches, dents or defects. 

Our most-recent Net Promoter Score was 81. A firm getting a 70 or higher by this customer-satisfaction measure is considered world class.

And now, we're expanding our manufacturing and distribution hubs in Charlotte and Phoenix, which means faster service and lower transportation impact on the environment.

If you haven't experienced Inpro's obsessive service, it's time to start.

Visit, or call 800-222-5556.


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