Continuing the NeoConversation

Posted 24 June 2015 12:00 AM by Megan Ziegler

The three day expo extravaganza may be over but things are just getting started.

From day one NeoCon rained a storm (literally and figuratively) of designs concepts and innovating products. This year in particular we were presented designs focusing on the humanistic experience.

Interactive design is an idea that has been growing for a few years and it is finally moving in all directions. How we react to our surroundings and benefit from the design is the new thought. Many product design awards given this year highlighted this concept.

Best of NeoCon showed a plethora of innovating and interactive designs. A few favorites of mine included wall treatments with an interactive system of colored magnets in different sizes and shapes for children to transform hospital walls with their creativity.

Pockets of privacy in the office are a new way to disconnect-to-reconnect by eliminating distractions and promoting productivity.

Ergonomic design is playing a significant role in all spaces to ensure the design complements the strengths and abilities of people and minimize the effects of their limitations. 

NeoCon raised a new type of excitement. These designs my not be as eccentric and imaginative as before, but instead, they are everlasting and influential.


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