Inpro Corporation Expands Fireline 520 Manufacturing Products to Strategic Southwest Location

Posted 30 June 2015 12:00 AM by Evan Bane

Inpro Corporation recently acquired Fireline 520™, LLC, one of the nation's premier designers and manufacturers of fire barriers for expansion joints, to broaden their life-safety offerings, within Inpro's JointMaster Division. 

Now, in addition to the Fireline 520 facility in Buffalo, New York, they are manufacturing Fireline 520 products out of their Mesa, Arizona, facility, underscoring their obsessive practices of protection for buildings and the people who use them every day, to the western United States and beyond.

Starting June 9, Inpro's Southwest facility began manufacturing Fireline 520 expansion joint products. The availability of Fireline 520 products from this facility will drastically speed up delivery times to the western United States.


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