A Clean Spring!

Posted 25 March 2015 12:00 AM by Megan Ziegler

Happy Spring everyone!  As the air gets warmer, the sun shines longer and the windows crack open a little more – you can’t help to feel this surge of freshness, happiness and joy!  (This doesn’t include the snow we had Monday…that was just an accident!)

With five days in – I’m still working on ‘Spring Cleaning’ my apartment and trying to not be such a hoarder.  I also want to bring a new awaking with the colors I use at work!

I’ve put together a fresh new palette that is inspired by this time of year with clean blues, crisp whites, balmy greens and, of course, a sunny yellow!

Click here to view our variety of color palettes and request a sample to find the perfect match for your next project!


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