School Signage Discourages Bullying

Posted 7 October 2015 12:00 AM by Evan Bane

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

The problem of school and cyber bullying is so pervasive and insidious that it takes the combined efforts of students, teachers, counselors, school administrators and parents to combat the problem.  It takes a multi-faceted approach to raise awareness and bring the needed intervention.

That’s why we found an initiative at Tess Corner Elementary School (TCE) and Lake Denoon Middle School in southeast Wisconsin an interesting and clever way to take their anti-bullying message throughout their entire building.

As part of their anti-bullying initiatives, the schools turned to Inpro to create a series of signage and wall protection solutions that support the schools’ anti-bullying message. The signage and wall protection were installed in areas strategically selected by administration to be most impactful on students along main corridors and over key entrances.

Tess Corners Elementary School: See the full project profile here

Lake Denoon Middle School: See the full project profile here



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