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The battle inside campus elevators: Why renovation is crucial to your brand | Inpro Corporation

The battle inside campus elevators: Why renovation is crucial to your brand

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Elevator interior damage and its impact on your university’s reputation

No, when we say "battle," we're not talking about some sort of water balloon fight in an elevator.

Over time, elevator interiors can get damaged… especially if the cab is used for both passengers and freight. Even with the best padded intentions, freight and furniture movers and delivery drivers ding up, gouge and scuff walls with dollies, carts and crates.

This is especially true of the pounding dorm elevators take because they’re dual purpose – mainly passenger hauling, but at least twice a year, they turn into freight elevators with student move-in and move-out.

Elevators as brand ambassadors

university elevator

Some of the main reasons to renovate your cab are to update the appearance and make it more appealing by giving it a refreshed look, make the interior more energy efficient with LED ceilings or add extra protection to the cab walls.

Another reason to upgrade your cab interior: If you spend $50,000 or $100,000 on only elevator equipment upgrades, riders will not notice anything new and will still feel like they are in an “old” elevator… they can’t tell that you just spent big bucks replacing the jack, power unit, controller and door operator.

Hear it from Director of Facilities & Operations at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

“We’ve had several elevators that had been beat up, dinged, that were nothing but a metal tin can. It doesn’t look good to visitors, the trustees, donors that come in and look at the campus. As a parent you might think that university is not at the top of their game.”

This is not the message you want to send to families that are touring your campus to potentially choose your institution as their child’s source of education. It could be a critical component to whether they decide to enroll or not.

UNC-Charlotte went on to renovate their campus elevators and have received rave reviews of the new elevator cabs.

“…when somebody sees the interior of a car they believe that it is more functional, more safe… Everybody is very proud of the modernization that is taking place.”

You can hear about their transformation first hand on our Getting to the Next Level: UNC Charlotte page.

Bottom line: When thinking elevator renovation, you should consider both outside and inside upgrades.

Same goes for whole-building renovations. You may spend millions on a major renovation … or maybe just thousands on a new coat of paint and other items to refresh the décor. Leaving an old, damaged, dark and dingy elevator cab out of your renovation budget may leave your beautiful upgrade project with a serious black eye.

Incorporating institutional branding in your elevators

The inclusion of logos and graphics can help carry and reinforce your brand message. At the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, a $3.5M renovation to modernize multiple elevators across campus included new interiors with custom graphics in the cab panels.

elevator with logo panels

A closing note about elevator installation and downtime

One final and critical aspect to bear in mind is that interior cab renovations cannot … or should not take the cab out of service for too long a time. Taking a cab down for renovation increases the potential for longer wait times as passengers have to switch to another cab.

Ideally, the cab renovation materials and process should be designed to cut downtime to a bare minimum. Renovation packages should be designed for simple and easy modular installation.

Need help with an elevator renovation project?

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