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Introducing Flexible Wall Protection | Inpro Corporation

Introducing Flexible Wall Protection

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Introducing Flexible Wall Protection

While some protective wall products offer pattern, they’re in the form of rigid plastic. And others offer the look of wallcovering with some protection characteristics, but lack the ultra-durable performance of rigid plastics.

Until now, this conundrum left architects and interiors designers in limbo, especially since certain spaces do not lend themselves to the aesthetic of rigid wall cladding.

However, a brand new class of materials called Flexible Wall Protection is showing great potential to be a true game changer by combining the look of wallcovering with the durability of rigid wall protection, so walls can make an impact while being able to take the impact.


This isn’t “just another VWC”

In 2017, Inpro’s IPC® Door and Wall Protection division introduced Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection at the NEOCON Expo in Chicago.

Ricochet is the perfect balance – the aesthetic of wallcovering with the function of traditional wall protection.

What sets Ricochet apart from standard Vinyl Wall Covering (VWC), is that it offers the same durability and protective performance as traditional rigid wall protection, but is indistinguishable from wallcovering.

It’s durable enough to handle the conditions of the harshest environments, yet literally flexible enough to become the showpiece or the backdrop of any interior. With seamless installation, Ricochet becomes an uninterrupted finish.