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4 Durable Finish Options for Elevator Modernization| Inpro Corporation

4 Durable Finish Options for Elevator Modernization

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Right after the lobby area, elevators are the next space your building’s guests and residents will see.  If you think about it, people ride in your elevators hundreds of times a day.  If they’re dual purpose – people and deliveries – then the risk of wall damage goes up … maybe way up.  Chances are your elevators are showing real signs of wear and tear, and might be giving folks a less-than pleasant ride.

Without requiring any work to the mechanical and structural “bones” of your elevator unit, you can simply renovate the interiors of your cabs. But are you wondering where do you start? We are here to help you decide what finishes and designs are right for your elevator cabs. 


4 Durable Finish Options for Elevator Modernization:


Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall Protection

Safeguard the surfaces in your elevator with our Palladium® Rigid Sheet wrapped panels that have superior impact resistance.

  • Durable – Our best selling and most trusted material, Palladium, ensures your elevators are safeguarded with superior impact resistance.
  • Low Maintenance – Because Palladium is so durable, you don’t have to worry about peeling or dents from heavy traffic and moving carts.
  • Colors + Patterns – Palladium is available in Solid Colors, Elements Patterns, and Faux-Wood Patterns, so you are sure to find a style that fits your facility.

Elevator interior made with Palladium Rigid Sheet Wall Protection

Stainless Steel

Provides industrial strength protection with a polished, high-end look to give your elevator a modern, professional feel.

  • Durable – Tried and true, Stainless Steel provides unmatched protection that won’t chip, bend or crack.
  • Easy to Maintain – Because Stainless Steel won’t rust, it will stay looking shiny and new for years to come.
  • Modern – We have a variety of textured stainless steel options so that you can choose from a traditional smooth look or a patterned, high-end design.

Elevator interior with Stainless Steel panels


Aspex® Printed Wall Protection

Aspex® Printed Wall Protection gives you design freedom while protecting your walls from the toughest damage.

  • Durable – Made with our high-impact PETG wall protection material.
  • Customizable – You select the image*, we bring it to life. Use custom artwork or choose from one of our predesigned patterns.
  • Vivid – Because your graphic is back-printed onto clear sheet, your image is vivid and won’t get scratched over time.

*You must have the legal right to use any image you would like to have printed. Inpro respects the intellectual property rights of others and reserves the right to request verification of any image submitted for print.

Elevator interior made from Aspex Printed Wall Protection

See the project profile: Cooks Children’s Medical Center - Fort Worth, TX


Your cab, your way. Not all elevator cabs endure the same levels of abuse. That’s why you can customize your cab to fit unique needs. Combine multiple materials so that your cab will suit your facility.


  • A Classic Combination - Stainless Steel lower panels to take the brunt of where most abuse happens, and Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall Protection top panels to match the walls in your facility.

Elevator interior with Stainless Steel lower panels with Palladium Rigid Sheet Wall Protection top panels

  • Enhance your brand – Add a custom printed logo to your elevator cab to create school spirit, provide a sense of community or to increase brand recognition throughout your entire facility.

Custom elevator interior with school logo


For before + after photos, download our Elevator Transformation Lookbook!