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When it comes to commercial and institutional shower surrounds and bases, old fashioned materials and methods may lead to dirty and unhealthy outcomes. Learn more about solid surface, the superior alternative to tile showers.

We break down some mistakes in building design and maintenance that can be resolved before a facility is built or renovated that will save time, money, and resources in the long run. When it comes to keeping a building’s interior looking newer longer, here a five things to look for or consider.

Follow these 5 easy steps to install heavy duty and tape-on corner guards.

In this article, we break down biophilic design, how it can enhance healthcare environments, industry articles, and three design elements that will help you partner with nature to heal.

We break down the recent design trends in dorm and locker room shower areas, including insight from industry design professionals.

The designer’s bag of tricks to reduce noise in the patent space is quite full – It’s important to realize there is no silver bullet…
We cover some of the recent gender neutral trends that are affecting bathroom design.
Often, people think of fire protection systems for buildings in the active sense – meaning systems like sprinklers and extinguishers to suppress or actually put out fires. However, there are also...

In the battle against damage, pennies of protection save dollars in repairs of doors.