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Our Fireline® 520 Fire Barriers are not only expertly engineered to handle building movement even in seismic conditions, but are ready to protect in the unthinkable occurrence of a fire. Designed to block smoke, flames and heat from small joint openings to large joint openings, Fireline prevents fire from spreading, giving response teams more time to arrive and people more time to escape.

With lives on the line, we obsess over safety to make sure your building is as structurally secure as the people within it.

Now that’s protection from every perspective.™

With 6 different patents, Fireline® 520 gives you the protection you need for your buildings with features that promote efficiency and consistency, such as:

  • Pre-attached flanges that drastically reduce labor cost and ensure uniform installation
  • Factory made male to female splices, eliminating the need for complex field manipulation at seams
  • Multiple mounting configurations available for both wall and floor conditions:
  • Top (flush) mount
  • Low Profile (recessed) mount
  • Bottom Mount
  • Factory fabricated horizontal and vertical transitions that ensure the fire rating requirements of UL 2079 are not compromised
  • View our patents HERE

FIreline Landing Page Image Components2.jpgEvery Solution

Fireline® offers multiple installation versions that give you the perfect fire barrier for your expansion joint. We don't believe that one-size-fits-all when it comes to fire protection so we offer top, inside and bottom mount configurations.

FIreline Landing Page Image Components3.jpgEasy Installation

When installation is simple, there is less room for error. Ensure your building and the people within are properly protected. Our drop-in installation design makes the process run much smoother and decreases the amount of time you and your team are on site.

FIreline Landing Page Image Components4.jpgFactory-Made

Because multiple components of a Fireline® Fire Barrier System are factory pre-assembled, you spend less time on site manipulating and cutting material. Our factory made transitions allow you to provide continuous fire protection through bends in the structure. 

Learn more about fortifying your building against the elements by downloading our Fireline® Fire Barrier Systems brochure today.

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