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Ricochet™ | Inpro Corporation

Ricochet Flexible Wall Protection

Now Available!


Walls are one of the largest elements of your interiors. Give them a purpose and expand their longevity with Ricochet™, wall protection that literally bends to the whim of your design. Ricochet combines the look of wallcovering with the durability of rigid sheet protection. With Ricochet’s inviting textures, rich colors, alluring patterns and seamless appearance, your wall isn’t just a surface, it’s a canvas.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable - Like its name implies, Ricochet™ defends walls from the everyday challenges that are thrown their way. With a proprietary top coating and .040” thickness, Ricochet is built for abrasion resistance and superior impact.
  • Flexible - Available in 15yd rolls, Ricochet™ applies like traditional wallcovering and achieves a seamless look. Its flexible nature makes it easy to install along curved surfaces..
  • Resilient - Not only is Ricochet™ able to resist the wear and tear that the walls in your building receive, but it also fends off stains and graffiti. Markings such as spray paint and permanent marker can be removed completely without damage to the Ricochet surface with the strongest of standard liquid cleaners.
  • Various Applications - While Ricochet™ is physically flexible … it’s flexible in design options, too. Ricochet can be wrapped over wall panels to add dimension and create stunning interiors for lobbies, conference rooms, and more.
  • Coordination Products - For an extra level of protection, Ricochet™ has been matched with a full line of color-coordinated corner guards to offer a cohesive look for your interiors. Ricochet is also available in matching Type II Vinyl Wall Covering for areas that don't require the same level of protection.

Patterns + Colorways


Ricochet Converge

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Clarity

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Harmony

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Passage

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Sketch

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Spark

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Strata

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Synergy

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet Timber

Ricochet™ Flexible Wall Protection

*Available in North America only


  • ASTM D5420 Impact Resistance
  • ASTM D4060 Abrasion Resistance (Taber Abrasion)
  • ASTM D1308 Chemical and Stain Resistance
  • ASTM G-21 & G-22 Fungal and Bacterial Resistance
  • California 01350 Air Quality Test Certified
  • No Phthalates
  • Class A Fire Rating

Get Inspired

See how Ricochet™ can transform your walls into a beautiful canvas. 


To request a presentation of Ricochet™ from your local Inpro representative, click here.