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Commercial Installation Tools & Heavy Duty Adhesives | Inpro Corporation

Tools and Adhesives

Use Inpro accessories, tools and adhesives to make your project run smoothly.

Inpro Bond Adhesive

Adhere IPC Rigid Sheet and Rubrails firmly to the wall.

Fastbond 30 Contact Cement

Water-based, high strength contact adhesive.

XT-2000+ Adhesive

Environmentally friendly, non-flammable and virtually odorless.

PL Premium, Heavy Duty Adhesive

Adhere stainless steel products and tape-on corner guards without tape.

Notched Trowel

Custom designed 1/8" v-notch increases adhesive coverage.

Extension Roller

Aids in the installation of Sanparrel Rigid Vinyl Sheet, Kickplates, and Rubrails.

Vinyl Removal Tool

Designed with an offset, smooth blade for safe and easy removal of vinyl covers for replacement or maintenance.

Cove Base Adhesive

Offer excellent adhesion and is easy to spread.

Cove Base Gun

Use with cove base adhesive to apply uniformly.