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Aspex™ Printed Wall Products

Create interiors that inspire

What is Aspex™

For over 35 year, we’ve been a leader in wall protection products. Mix that with 15 years of experience in cutting edge sign products and you’ve got Aspex™ Printed Wall Products, a world class solution to not only protect your walls but enrich them as well.

aspex wall protection and wall art

Aspex™ Documents

Our Process

  1. Provide us with a high resolution digital image.
  2. We print the image to the second surface of our material to protect it from damage and fading.
  3. Behind the print, we place a white vinyl backer that is used to enhance the color providing you with a richer and more vibrant image.

Wall Art: Unlike competitors, we use an additional styrene backer for our Printed Wall Art that will provide extra rigidity. When using standoffs to mount the piece, this added rigidity will eliminate bowing.

Printed Wall Protection: We apply a barrier film which assures us that any imperfections on the wall won’t be visible through your image.