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Solarity® Solar Shades | Inpro Corporation


Solarity® Solar Shades were born from our obsession with creating shields that protect the health and comfort of the people who rely on your buildings to heal, work, learn and rest. With Solarity Solar Shades, balance is at your window.

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Solar Shades can help your facility be more energy efficient!

We did the math... Solarity™ Solar Shades add up to energy savings! Heating or cooling a large building can put a lot of stress on your HVAC system. Sun shades can help ease that burden in the following areas:

- By blocking out the solar load, shades reduce the energy required to maintain a set point in the building making the building cooler.

- With cooling savings, come reductions in how hard the air conditioning fan has to work to rid the building of the heat pulled during cooling.

- The energy required to power vent fans that move treated air throughout the facility to cool and heat the building will see savings as well, mainly on unoccupied times during the day because the fan will only operate to maintain space temperature (no vent required).