A little girl bursting out of the wall holding donuts over her eyes. Copy reads: NEW! Palladium Patterns. Treat your walls to some sweet new wall protection! Download Brochure.

Bold new designs on our Palladium® Rigid Sheet provide the protection you love with patterns that pop. When it comes to your walls, don’t sacrifice style for strength. With Palladium Patterns, your walls can make an impact and take an impact.

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The Details

10 26 00 | Wall Protection

Dimensions: 4’ x 8’ (1.22m x 2.44m) and 4’ x 10’ (1.22m x 3.05m) standard and custom heights + lengths available with minimum order requirements

Thickness: .040” (1mm) standard, .060” (1.5mm)

Material: PVC, G2 BioBlend® Available

Fire Safety: Class A Rated

Chemical and Stain Resistance: ASTM D-543

Fungal + Bacterial Resistance: does not support fungal or bacterial growth as tested in accordance with ASTM G-21 and ASTM G-22

Impact Resistance: ASTM D-256-90b

Air Quality: GREENGUARD® Certified, GREENGUARD® Children and Schools

Environmental: No phthalates, HPD, EPD

Texture: Velvet

The Patterns


Varying flecks of color create a terrazzo-like look.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns Terrazo Breeze applied in a restaurant.

Palladium Patterns Terrazo Swatches - Breeze, Oat, Creme, Stormy

Palladium Patterns Terrazo Swatches - Brook, Amber, Honey, Berry


Make a statement with intersecting lines in a large-scale pattern.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns - Web Oasis

Palladium Patterns - Web Swatches - Oasis, Storm, Space

Palladium Patterns - Thinstripe Swatches - Buff, Wander, Electra


A classic, pinstripe pattern for timeless interiors.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns - Thinstripe Mum applied to a wall in a seating area.

Palladium Patterns - Thinstripe Swatches - Steel, Cloud, Stone

Palladium Patterns - Thinstripe Swatches - Rise, Fall, Mum


A hand-drawn refresh on chevron that can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns Chevron Pop applied on a office wall.

Palladium Patterns - Chevron Swatches - Solo, Icy, Skip

Palladium Patterns - Chevron Swatches - Swing, Pop, Spice


A gradient of precipitating triangles that can be used in vertical or horizonal orientations.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns Geo Slope applied to a wall behind a role of white chairs.

Palladium Patterns - Geo Swatches - Slope, Plateau

Palladium Patterns - Geo Swatches - Metro, Space


The look of woven texture achieved through layered lines.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns - Woven Doe applied in a hotel room.

Palladium Patterns - Woven Swatches - Mint, Dew, Drop, Haze

Palladium Patterns - Woven Swatches - Grain, Canvas, Yard, Belt


A classic linen look adds understated richness.

Order Samples

Palladium Patterns Stitch Mist applied on a wall behind a chair and table.

Palladium Patterns Stitch Swatches - Mist, Terra, Ash

Palladium Patterns Stitch Swatches - Wheat, Herb

Ready to treat your walls? Request a quote today!

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Ready to treat your walls? Request a quote today!

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