Florence™ Standard Sign Design

    The Florence™ Standard Sign Design features a square design with an arching top. To add dimension, a backplate can be added.

    To see different finishes on this standard sign design, make it come to life using our online sign configuration tool today!

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    Standard Sizes - Florence Collection

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    Additional Information

    • The Florence™ Standard Sign Design is shown in Photopolymer with a Moccasin face-plate, White text and a Rigid Vinyl Elements Wisp back-plate.
    • Popular Sizes: 4x 4 (102mm) x (102 mm), 4" x 6" (102mm x 152 mm), 4" x 8" (102mm x 204 mm), 6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm), 6" x 8" (152mm x 204mm), 8" x 6" (204mm x 152mm), 8" x 8" (204mm x 204mm), 10" x 8" (254mm x 204mm), 10" x 10" (254 mm x 254 mm), 12" x 12" (305 mm x 305 mm)
    • Collection signs may be manufactured on different substrates from a variety of materials including:
            ● One-piece photopolymer
            ● Rigid Vinyl
            ● Digital Print
            ● Dibond
    • ADA Compliant
    • Available in a variety of sign types:
            ●ADA Identification
            ●ADA Regulatory
            ●ADA Identification w/ Window
            ●ADA Identification w/ Slider
            ●ADA Modular Identification
            ●Informational Window
            ●Informational Modular Window
    • Logos can be added when provided (.ai and .eps files preferred); other files must be provided in high resolution format (300 dpi)