Horizontal Blinds

    Aluminum Blind Size Options: 1" blinds with .006" and .008" slat options

    Faux-Wood Blind Size Options: 2" Faux-Wood or Premium Faux-Wood Blinds available

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    Specification - Classic Aluminum Blinds

    Specification -2in Faux Wood Blinds

    Specification - 2in Premium Faux Wood Blinds

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    Installation Instructions - Aluminum Blinds

    Installation Instructions - Faux Wood and Premium Faux Wood Blinds

    Cleaning Instructions

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    Clickeze Clean-Up and Maintenance Instructions

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    Warranty - Graber Wood and Bali Aluminum Blinds

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    Additional Information

    Aluminum Blinds are manufactured using the most flexible, corrosion resistant slat material available

    All Aluminum Blinds are finished with Advanced Technology (AFT) providing an anti-static paint finish

    Aluminum Blinds come in a broad variety of colors and styles

    Faux-Wood Blinds offer a stylish alternative to natural wood blinds

    Faux-Wood Blinds are available in a broad assortment of wood tone and solid colors; the alternative wood slats resist moisture and warping; the slats meet the requirements of NFPA 701