WebbLok® Shade System

    Specifically designed for tamper-resistance, the WebbLok® Shade System is extremely durable. The cordless shades have pre-set leveling stops and heavy duty security boxes that provide a durable, attractive tamper resistant window treatment solution. Add custom printed images to any shade to enhance the patient room and create a calming environment.

    Custom Printed Shades: Add custom printed images to your shades, ideal for promoting patient healing and enhanced wellness. Proven to reduce destruction in behavioral health areas. Combine function and art in one. Download our Image Guide.

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    Specs + Tech


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    Specifications - WebbLok Roller Shades

    Installation Instructions

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    Installation Instructions - WebbLok

    WebbLok End Tip Replacement Instructions

    Installation Instructions - WebbLok Stopper Insert Replacement

    Installation Instructions - WebbLok Mullion

    CAD Drawings

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    CAD Drawing - WebbLok Fabric Valance

    CAD Drawing - WebbLok Operating System with Fabric Valance

    CAD Drawing - Angled Security Box SB5A

    CAD Drawing - Angled Security Box SB5A Reduced Depth

    CAD Drawing - Standard Security Box SSB

    CAD Drawing - WebbLok Mullion Plan View

    CAD Drawing - WebbLok Bottom Rail

    Bim Objects

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    WebbLok Shade.zip

    Cleaning Instructions

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    WebbShade Cleaning Instructions

    Warranty + Return Policy

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    Warranty - WebbGlide and WebbLok Shades

    Return Policy

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    Additional Information

    Exclusive security box and back plate

    Allows patient to control light in his/her room 

    Easy to clean and maintain without removing 

    Completely secures Spring Roller 

    Custom printed shades available to enhance patients' emotional well-being - acceptable file types include InDesign, Photoshop, PDF, JPG and TIFF

    *While this product is designed for Behavioral Health applications, it does not guarantee patient safety.