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    Need cubicle curtains in a pinch? We can help you get what you need … fast! We offer a variety of pre-made cubicle curtains in standard sizes and select colors that can ship to you within 24 hours. Our in-stock curtains accommodate up to 8' and 9' ceiling heights. Choose from standard polyester, vinyl or recyclable/disposable curtains.

    NEW! We now carry select fabrics in 66” x 66” EZE-Swap® Curtain Panels to make curtain change-outs even easier. Pair with EZE-Swap® Mesh.

    *Due to high demand around COVID-19 activity, we are replenishing product as quickly as possible. Please contact us for alternate options if the product you are looking for appears to be out of stock.

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    • 8' (2.44m) ceiling: 68" (172.72cm) W x 81" (205.7cm) H, includes 20" (50.8cm) mesh
    • 9' (2.74m) ceiling: 68" (172.72cm) W x 93" (236.2cm) H, includes 22" (55.8cm) mesh

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