Corner Grab Bar

    Our Corner Grab Bar is ADA Compliant and eliminates the need to use multiple individual grab bars for a continuous look.

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    Specifications - Vinyl Coated Grab Bar – Español

    Specification - Vinyl Coated Grab Bars

    Technical Data - DSGBVC3654 Corner Grab Bar

    Technical Data - DSGBVC2426 Corner Grab Bar

    Technical Data - DSGBVC2436 Corner Grab Bar

    Technical Data - DSGBVC4254 Corner Grab Bar

    Technical Data - DSGBVC4424 Corner Grab Bar

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    Corner Grab

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    Warranty - Grab Bars

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    Additional Information

    • Length: Variable Lengths Available
    • Material Type: Vinyl Coated
    • Load Rating: Supports 450+ lbs.
    • ADA Compliant
    • Mounting Options: Offers a secure and safe installation by giving the installer the flexibility to choose from various mounting holes on reinforced nylon mounting flange.