the project

Install of IPC Wall Protection, Clickeze Privacy Systems, and more.

The Project 
Since its founding in 1889, this private, not-for profit facility has grown into a 335 bed, acute care center that is consistently recognized nationally for overall clinical excellence. 

The hospital engages in ongoing renovation and refurbishing of the facility’s interior, and Inpro has played an integral role in the work. 

The Solution
There were many aspects that Interior Designer, Seka Collins, considered when choosing products to include in the hospitals renovation. Not only did she need to focus on the aesthetic appeal of the interiors, but also the maintenance required and durability provided.

Maintenance Friendly Hospital Curtains
Flagler Hospital was having trouble keeping up with the maintenance their previous custom cubicle curtains required. That’s when they looked to Clickeze® EZE-Swap® Cubicle Curtain Snap Panel System. These panels can simply be unsnapped when soiled and replaced with maintenance stock. Change out doesn’t require a ladder and the panels can be configured into any length to meet the needs of each individual curtain. Combined with Shield by Panaz® fabrics, which are antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, Inpro® provided the perfect solution.

"Prior to this installation we had custom curtains throughout the hospital. They just didn’t stand up to the laundering. When this product was brought to my attention, I first thought of our maintenance crew and just standardizing through our hospital to make their lives easier and also to make our hospital more aesthetically pleasing."

"Then the information behind the Shield® product just blew me away. Infection control is a major concern here, and anywhere at any hospital. The benefit of having the permanent antimicrobial features in these fabrics is what drove the decision." - Seka Collins - Director of Interior Design at Flagler Hospital

Unmatched Durability: Wall Protection and Signage
IPC® Wall Protection and SignScape® Architectural Signage were also an instrumental part of the renovation. Manufactured with durable, rigid vinyl and offered in a variety of colors and patterns, these products provided the look Seka wanted along with the protection and support the hospital needed.

"Being in a healthcare facility you have to also consider the maintenance, the durability, the long term. That’s part of the reason I went with an Inpro product." - Seka Collins - Director of Interior Design at Flagler Hospital

"Hospitals are 24/7 facilities, so they require 24/7 maintenance and repair... I love Inpro wall protection, I think it is a phenomenal product, It’s an under-utilized product. The designs, patterns, and options that are provided should be considered for every facility. It really does improve the appearance of the facility for a long period of time." - Stephen Jordan - Assistant Director of Facilities at Flagler Hospital

Quality Service and Installation Support
Inpro Interiors®, our professional installation team, is ready to help with your project. At Flagler, our team installed the cubicle curtains in a timely fashion to ensure there wasn’t disruption to patients or staff.

Inpro offers a Technical Support Network, including installation services, assistance and detailed instructions. From the initial consultation to the service after the sale, Inpro will be there for you as your protection partner.