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The Flawless Interior

This white paper explores how everyone responsible for how a new building lasts long-term architects, interior designers, contractors and building owners and facility staff should take a long-term view when it comes to door and wall protection products as preventative “medicine” to keep facilities looking good long after the ribbon cutting.


Graphics in Healing Environments


Why Your Back of House Matters Too

The front of house environment is critical to a business. But, what about the back of the house – places like kitchens, service corridors, employee lounges, administrative offices, loading docks, storage, and the like? This white paper discusses some of the factors to consider when evaluating the condition of a facility’s back of house spaces and some solutions to make them look just as good as the front of house.

bariatric design white paper

Bariatric Design 101 - An Introduction to Design Considerations

Design is a critical tool in the care of and the improved long-term clinical outcomes for bariatric patients. In this white paper we break down statistics on obesity and the design considerations that healthcare architects, designers and facilities need to be aware of.

Conducting a Facility Appearance Audit

This white paper gives you a checklist to conduct your own Facility Appearance Audit, as well as product solutions that help you take back the beauty of your facility, and keep your building looking newer longer. Turn your "Hall of Shame" into a Hall of Fame.


Design Approaches to Reduce Slip-Fall Injuries in Hospitals

Slip-fall prevention takes a multi-faceted approach. This white paper offers several design options that show promise in the fight against slip-fall injuries and fatalities.


Whitepaper: Innovations in Wall Cladding


Healthcare Building Materials White Paper


Brochure - Airport Market Brochure.jpg

Airport Brochure

Traveling shouldn’t just be about the destination, it should be about the journey. With thousands of people rushing to get from one place to another, you need a partner who can help your airport stand up to the inevitable wear and tear and provide guests with an enjoyable experience.

2018 Thrive Brochure thumbnail.png

Thrive Collection Brochure 2018

Stainless Steel Collection Brochure

Brochure - Futurist Palette Brochure.jpg

Futurist Palette Brochure


New Products Brochure 2019

Thumbnail - BioPrism Wall Cladding Brochure.PNG

BioPrism Wall Cladding Brochure

Aspex Brochure.png

Aspex Printed Wall Protection UK


Classicist Brochure

2019 Aspex UK Brochure.jpg

Aspex Brochure - Europe


Hospitality Brochure

2018 Sustainability Report.jpg

2018 Corporate Sustainability Report


Ascension - Door + Wall Protection Standards

Aspex Brochure.png

Aspex Printed Wall Protection Brochure

Brochure - Ricochet Wall Protection Brochure TMTop50.jpg

Ricochet Flexible Wall Protection Brochure


SureContact Antimicrobial Handrails

Handrails are a common touch point in healthcare settings, making them a natural place for dirt and filth to reside. That’s why we created SureContact® Antimicrobial Handrails. Designed to combat dangerous microbes at a building’s critical touch points, SureContact® uses ionic technology to help keep surfaces clean and protected.


Palladium Doors Brochure

Inpro Product Takeback Program.JPG

Inpro Product Takeback Program


Senior Living Brochure

Create a welcoming community that residents will embrace as their new home by maintaining attractive and comfortable interiors. With the products featured in this brochure, you can provide the warm environment residents want, as well as the extra support they need.


Minimalist Brochure

Brochure - Back of House Flyer TMTop50.jpg

Back of House Protection

When protecting your facility, don’t forget about the back of house and maintenance areas. Carts, heavy machinery, loading equipment and more leave the back of house areas with scrapes, dents and damage. Start your protection standard from the inner most areas of your facility.


Ascension Window Treatment Standards

Brochure - Stadium Market Brochure.jpg

Stadium Brochure

A sound and a salutation at the same time, cheers offers a feeling of welcome and a roar of enthusiasm that embodies the stadium experience. With thousands of people cheering, jeering, dancing and jumping as they root for their team, you need a partner who can help your stadium stand up to the inevitable wear and tear to ensure fans have a great experience.


Senior Living Brochure

2019 Literature Thumbnail - Traditionalist Brochure.jpg

Traditionalist Brochure


Palladium Headwalls and Headboards

Brochure - Education Market Brochure.jpg

Education Brochure

Every student needs an education environment designed to encourage achievement. With eager, bright minds filling your school, you need a partner who can help your academic facilities and campus housing stand up to the inevitable wear and tear and give students a space that inspires motivation and success.

Brochure - Corporate Market Brochure.jpg

Corporate Brochure

An office space should provide comfortable and motivating interiors so employees can perform at their best. Covering windows properly, preventing unsightly damage and providing a collaborative environment are small steps you can take to encourage greater productivity. Ensure your building and your employees are set for a successful performance with Inpro® products, designed to enhance and protect every space.