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6 Questions Architects Should Ask About Expansion Joints

Expansion joints can be intimidating because of their technicality and importance in a building but don't worry. In this whitepaper we've laid out the 6 most important things to know when selecting an expansion joint.


Life Safety: Fire Barriers are a first line of defense

Any sort of structure fire is a nightmare scenario, and there is always the risk of death and injury. Expansion joint fire barriers are a critical line of defense in the protection of your building. This whitepaper covers what expansion fire barriers are, how they protect your facility, and the eight keys to making sure they are installed correctly.


Peeling Back the Layers - Foam Seals in Expansion Joints

The use of foam seals in expansion joints provides a solid seal against the elements, providing both thermal and moisture protection. But how do you know which type of foam seal is best for you? This whitepaper explains everything you need to know to select the right foam seal for your building.


Waterproofing within Expansion Joint Systems


A Primer on Active vs Passive Fire Protection

Often, people think of fire protection systems for buildings in the active sense – meaning systems like sprinklers and extinguishers to suppress or actually put out fires. This white paper covers the basic types of active and passive fire protection systems, products and assemblies, and wraps up with a primer on expansion joint fire barriers.

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Handbook of Architectural Expansion Joints & Fire Barriers


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