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Gender Neutral Restroom Design

This white paper seeks to layout the current state of gender-neural restroom design, and point to possible impacts on space planning as “potty parity” moves into this new realm.


The Fight Against Mold Starts in the Bathroom

This whitepaper focuses on the alarming number of complications that are caused by a breakout of mold in college dormitories. Included are: real-world occurrences of mold infestations, how outbreaks affect institutions and those occupying them and how you can avoid a mold breakout in your dormitory.


Understanding Transfer and Roll-In Showers

This white paper focuses on the specific ADA requirements for designing transfer and roll-in showers. The goal is to help architects, contractors and building owners be well versed on the unique accommodation requirements for such showers.


Whitepaper: Commercial Bathroom and Shower Design


Trends and Ideas for Dorm Bathroom Design

This white paper focuses on dormitory bathroom design, the problems of mold and mildew, and how solid surface products are a viable alternative to help keep bathrooms and showers cleaner.


Locker Room Showers: Getting out of the 1960s

The idea of communal (aka gang) showers in athletic facilities, schools and team locker rooms was the norm for decades, and the concept made sense. But, times and culture change – new norms about bacterial infections and bathing privacy have raised new concerns and challenges as it relates to bathroom and shower design.


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Trench Receptor Brochure

Toilet + Shower Thumb.PNG

Toilet + Shower Partition Brochure


Ascension Washroom Systems Standards

Thumbnail - BioPrism Wall Cladding Brochure.PNG

BioPrism Wall Cladding Brochure

Brochure - Transfer Shower Brochure.jpg

Transfer Shower Brochure