Design Strategies for a Clean Healthcare Facility

Learn about the most recent and relevant strategies for expanding or partitioning healthcare building space, and the best interior products that stand up to new cleaning standards, avoid contamination, and minimize maintenance.

Combat Contamination Hot Zones in Healthcare Buildings

As new practices are put into place to prevent contamination, healthcare workers and the surfaces they are required to keep clean, will be put to the ultimate test. Learn about the best product solutions for healthcare hot zones.

Combat Contamination Hot Zones in Schools and Education Facilities

As custodians implement new cleaning and sanitizing practices in schools and education buildings, the surfaces they are required to keep clean are put to the ultimate test. Learn prevalent contamination “hot zones” in education facilities and interior products that offer low-maintenance chemical resiliency.

5 Common ADA Compliance Signage Violations

If you are ready to create the best experience possible for everyone who enters your building, Inpro’s expert product designers are available to help. Are you ready to get started? Let’s consider the five most common sign violations...

Branding Your Health Care Building: The Why & How

The purpose of branding is to tell the world who you are as a business and connect with the right customers. If your company is ready to update your facilities in ways that can share your story (and grow your business), here’s how to get started!

Elevator Interiors That Elevate Your Guests' Stay

Elevators are a part of both your guests’ first and last impressions which can impact how they feel about their overall stay. If you are ready to trade in your elevator cab interiors for a fresh and durable new model, here are four considerations to help guide your decisions. 

Design in Challenging Times

Aga Artka, Inpro’s go-to LEED accredited and NCIDQ certified professional interior designer, breaks down some ways to apply your creativity to your own business and work process. How do you stay inspired, calm and productive?