2020 Centered Collection: Introducing the Balance Palette

We dive deeper with Aga Artka, Inpro’s go-to LEED accredited and NCIDQ certified professional interior designer, into her many years of experience developing the palettes incorporated into each collection, and the inspiration behind the first of four palettes introduced in the 2020 collection - The Balance Palette.

The Making of an Inpro Design Collection

We sat down with Aga Artka, LEED Accredited and NCIDQ certified professional interior designer, to learn about what goes into the development of a collection and what we can expect from the 2020 Centered Collection.

Elevator cab fix-ups on a budget

If you break down your elevator into its components and inspect each one, you might find only one or two things need replacing to make the cab look “new” again.

Beware of the "dead lobby"

Is your building putting its best foot forward? Once visitors, guest or customers come through your front door, the condition of your lobby is going to say volumes about your business.

Parts of an Elevator Interior

Wait… you don’t know what an elevator panel is? Our team of experts are ready to help you start with your design, but here are a few elevator terms to help you get started!