Why You Need to Get Passive on Fire Protection

Often, people think of fire protection systems for buildings in the active sense – meaning systems like sprinklers and extinguishers to suppress or actually put out fires. However, there are also...

3 Ways to Increase Bathroom Privacy

Public washrooms are a vulnerable area. But what can you do to provide a “no-peek” bathroom experience? When designing and purchasing partitions, here are 3 things that your guests will appreciate.

The Era of New Seismic Zones

In the search for more sources of fossil fuels, the process of hydraulic fracturing – commonly called “fracking” – has led to a tremendous increase in U.S. crude oil production. That’s the good news.

The Top 3 Forces Impacting Your Expansion Joints

Your expansion joint systems play a vital role in your building’s health, so we think it’s only right that you know what they’re up against. These are the three main elements that impact your systems.

An interview with Larry Emerson

We recently sat down with Inpro®'s recent partner Larry Emerson and his firm The Art Around You to talk about his work, and to learn more about both the inspiration and motivation behind his beautiful imagery.