Stainless Steel – a great back-of-house material

When it comes to any facility, the front-facing areas of your building or business are where you spend the most effort and money to keep them clean and pleasing in appearance. Shouldn’t unseen spaces also get some TLC, too?

Introducing Flexible Wall Protection

A brand new class of materials called Flexible Wall Protection is showing great potential to be a true game changer by combining the look of wallcovering with the durability of rigid wall protection, so walls can make an impact while being able to take the impact.

All Hail the Humble Corner Guard

Call it the Rodney Dangerfield of interior protection products. When it comes to corner guards, many designers and building owners simply don’t grasp the superior performance and protection they deliver.

No more soap opera

Here's a quick round-up of options for privacy/cubicle curtains that can reduce the amount of time it takes to turnaround a patient room, and reduce laundering.