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Specifying window treatments involves a lot of small details – from the way they are mounted, operated and hemmed to the measurements inside and outside the area of the window. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of important terms to know!

If Jabot, Lambrequin and Swag sound like made up words to describe window treatments … we assure you, they aren’t! Here are the A-Z’s of Window Treatments that will have you better prepared for your next drapery or window top treatment project:

Allowance – Additional fabric added for hems, headings, bolt loss, etc. for fabrication.

Blackout Lining- Lining fabric that has been laminated to block out light.  The laminate makes the lining heaver and stiffer than standard lining.  Available in 2 and 3 pass.  It is most often white or cream.

Clearance – Distance from wall to back of the rod.

Directional Fabric- Fabric that has a specific orientation due to pattern, nap or weave that needs to be considered.

End Bracket – Two supporting grips that holds a drapery rod, shade or blind.  The end bracket controls the amount of projection.

Fullness – Extra fabric added to the finished width of the window treatment.  Example:  100” finished width would need 200” of fabric width hemmed to achieve 2 to1 or 100% fullness.

Give – Allowance added to finished drapery width to allow panels to traverse easily.  General rule is 1” – 2”.   

Heading – Hemmed, usually stiffened portion across the top of a drapery.

Inside Mount - Treatment is mounted inside the window frame, so that it is recessed within the window opening.

Jabot - Fabric that is folded and falls in a zigzag fashion down the sides of a treatment.  Cascades are most commonly used with swags.

Kick Pleat – Pleat formed like a box pleat in reverse, so the edges of the pleat meet in the middle on the face of the treatment. Also known as an Inverted Pleat.

Lambrequin – Box-like structure typically made of wood stained, painted or upholstered with fabric. Unlike a cornice, a lambrequin continues down the sides of the window.

Master Carrier – Lead carriage on drapery hardware.

NFPA 701- National Fire Protection Association test methods for small-scale and large-scale drapery fabric vertical flame tests.

Outside Mount - Treatment is mounted outside the window frame on the wall or casing surrounding the window.

Projection – Distance from the wall to the front of the drapery rod or valance board.

Return – Part of a drapery, cornice or valance that turns around the sides for a neat finish and light control.

Swag – Draped fabric folded to form pleats and a scallop shape on the bottom.

Traverse – To draw across.  A traverse drapery is one that opens or closes across a window by means of a traverse rod. 

Valance – Soft fabric skirt that hangs from the top of a window. 

Width – Describes a single width of fabric.  Several widths of fabric are sewn together to create window treatments. The term is also used when referring to the “rod width” or “finished width”.


Download our Window Treatment Glossary for a complete list of terms.

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