If there’s one thing Inpro has learned in its sustainability journey, the big wins often are few and far between. For instance, we determined that if we run our scrap grinder off hours, we would save thousands of kilowatt hours annually, which translated to a $65,000 annual savings in energy costs.

It’s nice to get the big wins, don’t get us wrong. However, what has become more apparent is that we can take many small steps to reduce our planetary impact. For example:

  • Going to two-sided printing as a default to cut our paper usage by 20%.
  • Creating a company honey bee sanctuary that helps combat colony collapse disorder.
  • Completing a library of Health Product Declarations (HPDs) helped us establish a human health baseline for product improvement.
  • Building an internal culture that thinks sustainable. We continue to work with our employees to show them the benefits of simple, every day sustainable actions.
  • Many more, see some here: Tiny Actions Big Impact

When you roll up all those small steps, you begin to see that they lead to much bigger outcomes.

We taking this “Tiny Action, Big Impact” message to Greenbuild 2016 in Los Angeles and we're excited to share our TINY display of sustainability in Booth #1927.

See how Inpro’s Tiny Actions not only help the planet, but will also help the homeless after Greenbuild.


Follow our twitter account and #TinyActionsBigImpact to see more of our sustainable activities.