Picture this:

You’re working on a major hospital renovation.

And you’ve just been tasked with selecting new cubicle curtains for the entire facility.

Where do you start?

You’ve most likely been given a budget, so your choices may be limited. But if your options are wide open, there is one major factor that you must consider: disposable or reusable fabrics?

When it comes to things like cost savings, times savings, performance and aesthetics, there are pros and cons to each side. So which do you choose? Consider these 8 important factors:

  1. Cost: Reusable curtains cost 70% less per curtain on an annual basis*
  2. Sustainability: On average, 7,000 disposable curtains per facility would go into waste management vs. resources needed to launder*
  3. Maintenance: Snaps can be used on either curtain option to make change-outs easier and maintain inventory efficiency
  4. Technology: Both curtain types offer antimicrobial technology to maintain a clean environment
  5. Performance: Liquid repellent and stain resistant textile fabrics outlast disposable curtains and prevent the need for constant laundering
  6. Aesthetics: Consider the softer look and feel of textiles over disposables in your design and the perception among patients
  7. Privacy: The thickness of reusable curtains adds an extra layer of sound and sight privacy
  8. Placement: Areas that change curtains multiple times per day are great candidates for disposable whereas reusable curtains work great in areas that don’t require frequent change-outs


Fortunately, whether you’re looking for washable fabric curtains or disposables … or both, Inpro has you covered. Request our 2019 Clickeze Catalog to view all Cubicle Curtain options.

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*Cost and sustainability information based on a typical hospital profile of 250 fabric curtains laundered every 6 months or disposable curtains changed out quarterly over the course of 7 years incorporating labor, laundering and average product costs. Calculations from this profile equated to a total lifecycle cost of $115,750 for Shield® textile curtains compared to $224,000 for Inpro disposable curtains.