When it comes to any facility, the front-facing areas of your building or business are where you spend the most effort and money to keep them clean and pleasing in appearance.  The mindset is that front of house is where the guests, patrons, or diners will spend their time (and money) … and evaluate it as part of their overall experience.  No question … front of house is critical.

But, what about the back of the house – places like kitchens, service corridors, employee lounges, administrative offices, loading docks, storage, and the like?  Sure, chances are a hotel guest, for example, will never have reason to be in such spaces.  That said, shouldn’t these unseen spaces also get some TLC, too?

The nerve center

Many guests and patrons can only imagine what goes on behind the registration desk of a hotel, or the swinging door to the kitchen.  That’s because – if it’s done right – such back of house spaces are hidden from view.

But, anyone who’s worked in the hospitality or restaurant business knows … back of house is a nerve center for the facility.  It’s where the actual work of the business is conducted – for the restaurant, it’s the kitchen.  For the hotel, it’s the administrative or catering office or laundry.  In many facilities, it’s the storage areas and receiving docks.

Reducing or stopping interior damage

Stainless Steel as a material option

The use of stainless steel in food service areas is almost a given for several reasons:

  • High heat resistance
  • Sanitary
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


Stainless wall panels are shown here (shown above). The addition of stainless steel corner guards and wall guards (shown below) add to the overall food service protection package. 


Food trucks, too!