“It takes a couple of months to pull together a finish collection” says Aga Artka, interior designer and design consultant for Inpro. “But it’s always fun to see how patterns and finishes come alive when paired with each other”.

The bulk of the work on a finish collection happens early in the year, about twelve months before the campaign is launched. The research and creative work coincide with major design shows from Paris, London to Berlin and Milan. That’s where trends are spotted. Combined with industry research and forecast reports, a finish collection is created to be timely and on-trend.

The 2019 Finish Collection is called Timeless and it is a nod to the passage, the value and the concept of time. Our outlook for 2019 is found in colors + finishes represented throughout time, yet without the boundaries of time – or timeless. The 2019 Timeless Collection explores how a person identifies with time – traditionalist, classicist, minimalist or futurist – and pairs each type with a color palette. Each one tells a distinct story informed by design and cultural trends. With colors across a variety of materials, these palettes are meant to inspire while at the same time prompting the question, “how do you keep time?”

The first palette of the collection we’ll introduce is Futurist.

Futurist is forward thinking and optimistic. While the progress in robotics and artificial intelligence challenge the meaning of humanity, we recognize the need of innovation, it’s healing and survival capabilities and we focus on the good. The palette is bright and playful. It encourages exploration and innovation. The key color is turquoise – which stands for confidence, self-awareness and focus. The key fabric (NEW Shield pattern Talk to Me, Icebreaker) is a perfect theme representation, with fluid blues and greens broken up by a digital pattern overlay. A deep and mysterious midnight blue (IPC Brittany Blue and Shadow, Night Sky) captures the cosmos and space exploration. Other fabrics such as Screenplay, Rocket Grey depict light movement and light rays reflecting off of surfaces. Ricochet Sketch brings in a little texture, a human touch. There are metallics (IPC Brushed Nickel), soft and dark grays as well as creamy neutrals that are familiar and personable. Grey wood tones (IPC Smoked Stratus) ground the palette.

For information and inspiration on this palette, click here to view, download materials and request free samples. Stay tuned for more information on the other palettes of the 2019 Timeless Collection.