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Einstein Medical Center
Parts of an Elevator Interior

Wait… you don’t know what an elevator panel is? Our team of experts are ready to help you start with your design, but here are a few elevator terms to help you get started!

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5 Durable Finish Options for Elevator Modernization

Right after the lobby area, elevators are the next space your building's guests and residents will see. Learn more about making sure people see the best side of you.

ABCs of Window Treatments

Specifying window treatments involves a lot of small details – from the way they are mounted, operated and hemmed to the measurements inside and outside the area of the window. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of important terms to know!

Fire Prevention requires year-round vigilance

Fire prevention requires year-round vigilance. Learn how passive fire protection is equally critical to save lives.

Transfer Showers

We break down ADA Transfer & Roll-in Showers requirements.

Elevator Interiors That Elevate Your Guests' Stay

Learn how to update the elevator interiors at your hotel or resort, including beautiful yet durable wall panels, railing, lighting, and custom image designs.

Hospital Corridors
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