Maintaining a clean environment has never been more critical. Building surfaces with durability and chemical resiliency are now essential to protect the people who use and work within your building.

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Cleanliness is one of the most important considerations for any public space. But, keeping a facility clean and beautiful at the same time can be a challenge when using harsh disinfectants. These products, featured in the Clean Products Matrix help you achieve a cleaner, more durable and resilient space. For more detailed information on disinfecting agents, download our Cleanable Surfaces Guide.

Products that promote clean!

Non-porous Surfaces

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Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall Protection

Palladium® provides superior impact resistance to keep your walls safe from damage, so you can say goodbye to endless repairs! Enjoy the same durable protection with corner guard, wall guard and handrail products as well.

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A wall covered in Ricochet®  Flexible Wall Protection with 2 lime green chairs with a small grey table between them










Ricochet® Flexible Wall Protection

Ricochet combines the look of premium wallcovering with the durability of rigid sheet wall protection so your walls can make an impact and take an impact. Ricochet is durable and resilient against chemicals, stains and graffiti.

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BioPrism® Solid Surface

Solid Surface offers sleek finishes for shower bases, surrounds and partitions that is non-porous and inherently antimicrobial to prohibit mold and mildew.

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SureContact® Handrails

SureContact® Handrails use Sanitized® Zinc Pyrithione non-leaching antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

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Stainless Steel Wall Panels

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel provides unmatched protection with a sleek appearance for the walls in your facility. This material is perfect for kitchens, cafeterias, corridors, operating rooms, back-of house and other high-traffic areas.

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NEW! Sani-Base™️ Stainless Steel Wall Base

Sani-Base™️ accommodates various types of flooring in commercial applications that require watertight finishes. The base integrates with Stainless Steel Wall Panels, BioPrism®️ Solid Surface Wall Cladding, FRP and other commercial wall cladding to create a hygienic, watertight shield for your walls that is easy to clean and wash down.

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Cleanable Textiles.

These textiles keep up with extreme cleaning demands. Download our Cleanable Surfaces Guide to compare the key factors that keep from free of contamination.

Textiles that promote clean!

Droplets beading on the surface of a piece of shield by panaz® cubicle curtain










Shield by Panaz® Fabric

Shield fabrics weave together beauty and performance for shower curtains, bedspreads, cubicle curtains and window treatments that stay looking great in the most challenging environments. They are antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew and also stain and liquid repellent to cut down on the need for laundering.

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A shower with a Super Bio Stat™ Shower Curtain

Super Bio Stat™

This fabric is a heavy-duty vinyl that is specially formulated with a protective coating that is bacterial and wear resistant.

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For more detailed information on disinfecting agents, download our Cleanable Surfaces Guide.

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