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A Seamless Operation: Mercy Health Saint Mary’s | Inpro Testimonial| Inpro Corporation


A Seamless Operation: Mercy Health Saint Mary’s


In this video, learn how Inpro’s obsession with service helped provide a seamless operation for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital renovation project. You’ll hear from the designer, contractor and facility about how our BioPrism® Solid Surface Wall Panels provided the durability and ease of maintenance and installation required.

The Project

Facility: Mercy Health Saint Mary's Hospital - Grand Rapids, MI

Architect: Progressive | AE - Grand Rapids, MI

Contractor: Bouma Corporation - Grand Rapids, MI

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s underwent a $35.5M renovation and expansion to turn their space into a state-of-the-art facility. The project entailed replacing all 13 operating rooms in the main hospital and constructing shell space for 3 more ORs. The total area of the renovated and newly constructed space was 87,000 square feet, and also included 43 pre/post-op rooms and 18 post-anesthesia care unit bays.

The Solution

Inpro offered Mercy Health Saint Mary’s an innovative solution with our BioPrism® Solid Surface Wall Panels. Our ability to manufacture large sheet sizes of BioPrism minimized seams throughout the OR. Minimizing seams not only makes for a smooth, continuous look throughout the room, but creates a hygienic space. Seams can hide dirt and grime, so the less seams in an operating room, the better!

Hard Seams are Inconspicuous and Clean
Where there are seams, Inpro provides an interlocking system to create Hard Seams. This method uses a color-matched composite adhesive that bonds with our BioPrism Solid Surface for an inconspicuous seam between wall panels. This superior seam method prevents mold and mildew growth with its flush surface.

Quality Service
Inpro provides a Technical Support Network, offering installation services, assistance and detailed instructions. Our team ensures that products are installed with the expertise they require.

The Technology

A Hygienic Surface
The surfaces in operating rooms and other sterile environments get dirty quickly. For that reason, we developed BioPrism® Solid Surface, a material that is non-porous and antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, making it perfect for operating rooms.

Sustainable Characteristics
BioPrism is an environmentally responsible choice. It’s GREENGUARD® certified and contains 11% renewable materials, including bio-content.

BioPrism is a true solid surface, so blemishes can be buffed out or washed away. Scratches, chips, cracks and other damage done to the material can be corrected, and the BioPrism is left looking brand new! BioPrism is also an industry leader in IZOD impact test scores.

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