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Although “accessible” showers may be usable for those with disabilities, it is not ADA code compliant which puts you at risk for hefty fines. 

We’re one of the only manufacturers to offer a one-piece, molded transfer base that meets ADA requirements. Because the base is made using a mold instead of piecing together separate elements, it’s made to consistently meet requirements so you don’t have to worry being out of compliance.

Here’s how our Transfer Shower Base is truly ADA compliant.  


Maintains a 36" opening

ADA mandates a 36" wide minimum entry for shower bases. While some bases might measure 36" total, the entry is smaller, meaning they just don't measure up to regulations.


36" Throughout

The ADA code states that the shower base must be 36” from center points of opposing sides. Which means that your shower base must be 36” on all sides. Because of this, our Transfer Shower base is built to accommodate construction of the surrounding walls to guarantee the entire receptor maintains 36” throughout.


Low threshold

No recess needed! Our receptor was designed to be as thin as possible (.9") while still maintaining strength and proper slope to the drain. The result is that the receptor can be installed on grade with the finished flooring easily floated to within .5" of the top of the threshold per ADA code.

Find out more about what makes our Transfer Shower truly compliant by downloading our brochure.

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